How Can Hollywood Actresses Always Stay in Shape?

While it is no secret that some actresses have a whole staff of people helping them to stay in shape and lose weight when necessary, not every actor is successful enough to have a personal chef or personal trainer at their beck and call.  Much like non-celebrities, they must watch their own food intake and exercise to keep in shape.  However if a Hollywood actress is successful, there are many ways she can maintain or experience a weight loss when she needs to shed a few pounds.


Extreme Diets and Weight Loss Tricks


Many celebrities and non-celebrities alike are guilty of using extreme diets in an effort to lose weight.  It takes patience and fortitude to lose weight with diet and exercise.  Many people lack these two attributes and some actresses may not have time to change diets or exercise for weeks before their next role starts filming, especially if they’ve been offered a part within days of filming.


After having her baby, Jessica Simpson resorted to a diet that involved making and drinking smoothies in order to lose her baby weight.  The plan, which was developed by Weight Watchers, has three phases to it: Jump Start, Intermediate and Rest of Your Life.

During the last phase, a dieter will drink two smoothies, have a meal and two snacks throughout the day.  They diet changes to two smoothies, two meals and a snack as it progresses.


To get ready for an acting role, Beyonce did a cleanse diet that consisted of nothing but a lemon-based drink to help flush out the colon.  This helped her with a weight loss of 20 pounds, but such extreme weight loss methods can be harmful for the body if done for too long.  The body needs food for energy and to maintain health, especially for working long days such as actresses often do.


Although she denies it, Christina Aguilera was rumored to have used liposuction to help her lose weight.  Some Hollywood actresses have resorted to such extreme methods to help them keep their weight down in an effort to be hired for a role.  While liposuction can help reduce fat in problematic areas, preferably after a diet in which many pounds have been lost, it shouldn’t be used for weight loss because it is a temporary solution in many cases.


Changing Lifestyles


Many actresses will use sensible diet and exercise plans to help them lose weight and keep it off for the long run.  This not only helps them maintain their lovely shapes, but it is much healthier for them as well.  By eating the right foods, taking diet supplements and exercising on a regular basis, they can maintain their weight, stay healthy and be a good role model for their family and fans.


There are many diet supplements out on the market, most of which are safe to use and only a few that can be dangerous when used improperly.  A good diet supplement to use could be a protein powder with which to make smoothies before and after workouts or energy drinks or pills to help provide an energy boost to get through workouts or even through the day.  Even though it isn’t advertised as such, the product 5-hour Energy is considered a dietary supplement.


Even though that product, and many like it, can be misused, if used carefully it can provide the extra burst of energy some people need to get through their day or to get started in the morning.  For an actress that may work 12 to 14 hours, this could help them get the energy they need to keep going, especially if they don’t drink caffeinated drinks such as coffee or sodas.


Working Hard to Look Good


Many successful Hollywood actresses know they have fans that look up to them and they try to set an example for fans, especially young female fans, but not using extreme weight loss methods.  Too many young women have fallen prey to anorexia in trying to look like their favorite actress or celebrity.  Thankfully, many actresses realize they have people carefully scrutinizing their lifestyles and habits in an effort to emulate them.  In addition, if they are parents, they try to set healthy examples for their children.


Resorting to fad diets can be dangerous to ones health and counter productive in the long run to maintaining beauty.  If the proper nutrients are not absorbed by the body, it can lead to sickness and looking tired and haggard, which can be detrimental to an actress’ career.  A healthy diet plan and exercise regimen provides the energy, weight maintenance and beauty help that actresses need to look and feel their best.  While it takes some effort to follow a careful diet and exercise regimen, the pay off is well worth it for many Hollywood actresses.